Self-help group open space for imigrant women

Moving abroad on your own (and not only) can be challenging and lead to all sort of difficulties, including isolation, loneliness and depression. Having to learn / explain yourself in a new language, dealing with bureaucracy, looking for a job or trying to adapt to a new one, looking for medical support (especially mental health care services), making new friends and dealing with a new culture at the same time can get overwhelming.

Know that you are not alone and we got your back. We`ve all been there and would like to make things easier for other women. Let`s share our experiences and openly speak about what we went through and what we are still dealing with in order to improve our situations and those of other women.
Together we are stronger and that`s why we are planning to meet every Tuesday (between 18 and 20) for two hours in Hamburg-Nord.

Contact: Selbsthilfe-Telefon 39 57 67.

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